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Veritas Long Short Fund

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Veritas Long Short Fund (the “Fund”) is to provide unit holders with consistent long-term capital appreciation and an attractive risk-adjusted rate of return.

The Fund will invest primarily in the securities of publicly traded Canadian companies that it identifies as mispriced. Long and short positons will be determined primarily based on recommendations provided by Veritas Investment Research Inc. (VIR) an affiliate of Veritas Asset Management (VAM). VAM may also invest in securities that are not formally covered by VIR.

The Fund will manage its long and short positions to reduce the impact of market volatility on the portfolio.  The Veritas Long Short Fund is available to investors eligible to invest under a prospectus exemption such as accredited investors. Prospective investors should rely solely on the Fund’s offering memorandum, which outlines, among other things, the risk factors associated with the Fund.

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